***ECG, Treadmill & Holter

The treadmill exercise Laboratory at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital is a state of the art facility within the noninvasive area of the hospital. The treadmill laboratory performs xxxxxxxx tests per year and includes all patients referred from the Emergency Department, the in-patient services, outpatient services and community health network services. All treadmills from the Emergency Department and inpatient services whose hospital discharge depends on the test results are interpreted as soon as they are completed, with all other treadmills interpreted within 24 hours.

Highly abnormal test results are emailed to the referring physicians the day of interpretation and, in rare but specific instances according to specific criteria, patients are admitted to the hospital who have highly abnormal tests for more definitive treatment.

Staffing is by a knowledgeable treadmill technician with years of work in this field; physician oversight is always available near the premises.

ZSFG uses the Zio ambulatory 2-week arrhythmia monitor applied to the thorax to assess patients with palpitations or known arrhythmias or at risk for potentially lethal arrhythmias. The Zios are also requested by the entire ZSFG community. The laboratory performs ++++++++++++++++++++++ per year. Attending overreads of all tests, initially read by Cardiology Fellows for educational purposes, are performed and referring personnel emailed if a Zio result warrants. We analyze for arrhythmia burden as well as identification of any and all arrhythmias. Definitive therapy is often based on our findings.