Undergraduate Medical Education

The Division of Cardiology at ZSFG is also a major educational hub for students from the UCSF School of Medicine and comparable academic institutions who seek to transform the future of healthcare. During our senior elective termed Cardiology Consultation (SOM 140.35), trainees develop understanding of guideline-directed management of acute coronary syndromes, decompensated heart failure, severe valvular disease, and complex arrhythmias through incisive debates with division faculty and fellows.

Consult students impart timely supervised assessments and recommendations for patients with major traumatic injuries, acute neurological events, and other potentially lethal conditions complicated by acute cardiac issues. Students on rotation also deliver formal presentations that spark lively discussions of controversies in the medical literature. This cherished ZSFG elective is ideal preparation for medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine, neurology, surgery, and anesthesia residencies.

Binh An Phan, MD is the Division of Cardiology Medical Education Director and a leader in the UCSF School of Medicine Bridges Curriculum. A new approach to undergraduate medical education launched in 2016 to engage students from the beginning of training through mastery of skills needed to meet the challenges of 21st century healthcare. The program is a 3-phase integrated curriculum delivered over 4 years. Dr. Phan was a key contributor to the creation of Foundations 1 sciences blocks and clinical microsystems, Foundations 2 clinical immersion experiences, and Career Launch scholarly electives. The coaching program of the Bridges Curriculum sustains an inclusive environment of learning where he guides medical students through continuous improvement and career exploration. Binh An Phan received the 2016 School of Medicine Henry J. Kaiser Award for Excellence in Teaching, the 2017 School of Medicine Osler Distinguished Teaching Award, a 2018 School of Medicine Bridges Curriculum Commitment to Teaching Award, and 2018 Academic Senate Distinction in Teaching Award for remarkable achievement.