Gideon St Helen, PhD

Assistant Professor

Gideon St.Helen, PhD, is an environmental toxicologist with postdoctoral training in clinical pharmacology. His research interests involve three major themes: (1) understanding the safety and risk of novel tobacco products, such as electronic cigarettes, particularly on the cardiovascular system to inform regulatory policies; (2) examination of the pharmacology and safety of cannabis products, and the interplay/interaction between cannabis and tobacco; and (3) examination of biological and behavioral factors that underlie smoking-related health disparities among American smokers.

Dr. St.Helen received his PhD in toxicology from the University of Georgia followed by postdoctoral training in the Benowitz lab. He joined the UCSF faculty in 2015.
PhD, Environmental Toxicology, 2011 - College of Public Health, University of Georgia
BS, Biology, 2006 - , Livingstone College
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