Nora Goldschlager, MD


Dr. Nora Goldschlager is a cardioligst and Professor of Clinical medicine. She is currently the Chief of Clinical Cardiology at San FRanciso General Hospital. Her special interest is in clinical cardiology, electrocardiography and arrhythmias, with a heavy emphasis on the physical examination of the patient. Dr. Goldschlager is the Medical Director of the ECG Department at SFGH, and the Ambulatory Monitoring and Treadmill sections of the Division. Dr. Goldschlager has been with this institution for 42 years.

Dr. Goldschlager studied Medicine at New York University School of Medicine, and received additional Medicine and Cardiology training at Montefiore Medical Center in New York, Henry Ford Health Care system and Wayne State University in Detroit,, and Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.
Clinical Fellowship, - School of Medicine - Cardiology, University of California, San Francisco
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